The FV&C. sas is authorized by the Ministry of Industry from 25.03.1988 for the attivity of organization and business audit, under law n. 23.11.1939 of 1966.


Other Authorizations:

21.04.1995 – registration in the Register of Auditors, n.24134.

29.11.1996 – registration in the list of the society that have an agreement with the Commissione Nazionale Paritetica per le Casse Edili.

16.07.1997 – registration in the ex Albo Speciale Co.N.So.B., n.42 con delibera n.10825. 

04.07.2007 – registration in the list of the Ministry of Economic Development on auditing of cooperatives, n.15.

20.04.2009 – Inscription in the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

20.05.2013 – Inscription in the regional list audit firm of the autonomous region of Fiuli Venezia Giulia, n.29.



The FV&C is also a signatory to the Convention in accordance with law 59/92 and, in accordance with D.lgs.220/2002, with the following  Cooperatives:

    • Confederazione Cooperative Italiane (Confcoop).
    • Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue (Legacoop).
    • Associazione Generale Cooperative Italiane (AGCI).

The FV&C is enable to review activities at Broadcaster AIM Italia ( Alternative Capital Market of Borsa Italiana).