Our History

Fausto Vittucci & C. sas was born in 1996.

Founded by Fausto Vittucci with Roberto Domicis, formerly reviewers at other companies, the FV&C sas has always been characterized for its prinpiples and values: integrity, objectivity, competence and professional diligence, independence.

In 2018 the company has changed the governance and the name in FV&C sas di Amedeo Vittucci. 

Partners are always aimed to have a team, a group of professionals knowledgeable, flexible, able to working in team, able to listen to the customer, to offer, in style, excellent services.

The FV&C sas counts 2 operating locations, Rome and Milan, and other offices in Italy and 18 people divided on audit and advisory services.

Revision is not a simple accounting-administrative analysis that runs out of a formal act of accounting control of a company. Every figure in the budget is an expression of decisions and economic choices. An in-depth study of the internal control system is essential to determine, depending on its degree of reliability, the extension of the verification procedures to be applied. The FV&C revision method is based on a rigid quality control system at various levels.


Each assignment is supervised by a manager and is carried out under the direct responsibility of a shareholder.

Each working group has the assistance and advice of other members, including experts in the specific field, as well as tax experts, business organization, and data processing centers.






August 1973
Fausto Vittucci is hired by Arthur Andersen & Co

September 1974
Amedeo Vittucci is hired by Price Waterhouse
April 1974
Fausto and Amedeo are enrolled at the Order of Chartered Accountants in Rome
December 1978
Fausto and Amedeo founded Reficonsult, a company of auditing and organization
January 1980
Fausto and Amedeo Vittucci are founding members of Horwath & Horwath Italia, which is listed on the first list of audit firms authorized by Co.N.So.B. Ex DPR. 136/1975
May 1980
Roberto Dominicis is the first employee of Horwath & Horwath Italia
February 1996
Fausto Vittucci & C is born through a spin-off of Horwath & Horwath Italia
March 1996 and July 1997
Fausto Vittucci & C sas is registered in the Special Register Co.N.So.B. N.42 ex DPR. 136/1975 – Delibere Co.N.So.B. n. 9836 and n. 10825
April 2009
The Public Company Accounting OversightBoard approves the entry of Fausto Vittucci & C. sas

May 2018

Fausto Vittucci & C. sas change the governance and the name in: FV&C. sas di Amedeo Vittucci