Roma, 26 February 2016 – h.14.30

FAUSTO VITTUCCI & C. S.A.S. c/o Hotel Universo Via Principe Amedeo 5/b


Bologna, 29 February 2016 – h.14.30 – Via Santo Stefano, 11 – c/o Studio Servidio

The event is an opportunity to explore and compare the main innovative aspects of accounting and budgets 2016 following the application of Legislative Decree 18 August 2015, published in G.U. n. 205 of September 4, 2015. The purpose of this meeting is “the continuous updating” of the FV & C and the Servidio’s internal operating structures. Given the importance and innovation of the standard, it was considered appropriate to offer an opportunity for comparison with external professional figures interested in the subject, with a view to consolidating a collaborative relationship with stakeholders and opening an Communication channel outwards. During the course some concrete examples of accounting for the new accounting cases applicable from 2016 will be discussed.


Gianluca Bartoli – Revisore Contabile

Roberto Dominicis – Auditors and partner of Fausto Vittucci & C. s.a.s.